Have You Thought About Rubber Roofing for Your DIY Projects?

Rubber roofing is the ideal material for DIY projects around the home and garden. With unsurpassed longevity and 100% effective waterproofing properties, EPDM is the perfect solution for long-lasting, reliable shed roofing, garage roofing, green roof projects, ornamental garden ponds and much more.

Homeowners typically steer clear of DIY roofing projects for many reasons. This might include traditional application concerns, working at height, lack of confidence in DIY skills, concerns about over- or under-buying materials and more.

Permaroof support for DIY rubber roofing

To make flat roofing jobs more accessible for home and business owners, Permaroof rubber roofing is highly supported in terms of ease of use, application resources, tools to assist with quantity purchasing and industry-leading EPDM application training courses.

With Permaroof EPDM application training courses, any lack of experience or industry knowledge doesn’t matter. EPDM rubber roofing is a simplified system that requires only basic tools and cold application to remove the old concerns of handling hot bitumen or other heated application methods, such as the torch-down method used commonly on outdated felt or tar paper solutions.

The one-day training courses are packed full of practical demonstrations of many aspects of flat roof application – including options for both liquid and sheet EPDM training (please select your preferred medium).

Find out more about Permaroof rubber roofing training days.

Lunch and refreshments are included in the day. DIY roofers can gain useful skills and these courses are ideal for those wishing to carry out several DIY projects at home. Every participant in the rubber roofing courses leaves with a basic knowledge of EPDM application and greater confidence in tackling this type of DIY project.

Why choose rubber roofing?

EPDM rubber roofing is fast-becoming the trade roofing industry go-to material due to its increased longevity and performance compared to more traditional materials. Permaroof is delighted to be one of the largest licenced importers and distributors of Firestone RubberCover in Europe and holds huge stocks at our Derby-based headquarters and warehousing, which has just recently expanded.

With heightened reliability, unmatched staying-power and a wealth of Permaroof support and resources, rubber roofing really is the way to go for all your DIY projects.

Take some time to browse our resource library to find out more about EPDM rubber roofing today.