The UKs Leading Flat Roof System for DIY

When looking for a flat roof system suitable for DIY, homeowners are hard-pressed to find any system better than EPDM rubber roofing in today’s marketplace. DIY roofing has traditionally been tricky for all those but highly skilled DIYers. Since the introduction of the EPDM flat roof system, and the handy flat roof kit, DIY flat roofing has become more accessible for more handy homeowners than ever before.

Why is the EPDM flat roof system so suitable for DIY application?

EPDM rubber membranes are highly flexible and fitted in a single piece. Joins are historically the worst parts of a system to tackle, as joins must be sealed perfectly to ensure there is no water ingress. When using other types of flat roof system, such as tar paper, joins require skills and often hot substances to create a good seal.

EPDM systems are fitted using water-based adhesives, removing traditional hazards, and because the membrane fits in a single sheet in most cases, there are no joins to worry about. For larger projects that do require joining, EPDM systems follow a simple, clear and effective process for sealing, suitable for a confident DIY enthusiast to tackle.

Permaroof’s DIY flat roofing resource centre is packed with information and advice, tutorials and demonstrations. Download PDFs, watch videos or read industry white papers – everything is free of charge.

How flat roof kits have made projects easier for DIY

Another great benefit of EPDM flat roof systems is that they can be easily bought online in our shop in standard-sized, pre-measured and pre-prepared kits that contain everything you need in exactly the right quantity – no waste, no guesswork. We have a range of flat roof kits specifically designed for shed roofing and garage roofing, and for bespoke projects, such as green roofing or extension projects, we offer a custom-cutting and kit building service for our customers.

EPDM flat roof systems are leading the way for roofing in the DIY sector. Single-ply roofing membranes have been growing in popularity for some years in the UK, and Permaroof are the UKs premier flat roof supplier, offering superior customer service and great prices for all our EPDM flat roof systems and accessories.