Rubber Roofs Made Easy with Flat Roof Kits

Trade and DIY roofers all over the UK are turning to rubber roofs in favour of simplicity and longevity over traditional roofing materials such as outdated felt. The benefits of rubber roofing membranes far outweigh felt (tar paper), not least for the expected lifespan of around 50 years. When compared to traditional materials, EPDM is far superior, in terms of ease of application, cost-over-lifespan and waterproofing abilities.

Since Permaroof began supplying EPDM almost two decades ago, rubber roofs have become an industry favourite and are increasing in popularity significantly for both trade roofers, who have been looking for sustainable solutions to replace outdated materials for years, and DIY roofers, who haven’t been able to tackle their own roof projects due to complex systems, quantity doubts and lack of industry support.

Flat roof kits from Permaroof

Permaroof introduced flat roof kits to make the installation of rubber roofs fast, simple and cost-effective. Our flat roof kits include everything needed for EPDM application and full instructions. This is backed up by our resource library which contains an extensive range of videos, PDF tutorials and step-by-step guides for installing rubber roofs.

In the online shop, we stock a wide range of standard-sized flat roof kits, perfect for shed and garage roofing. Additional membrane is included for overhang, so there should be no issues. Permaroof-in-a-box flat roof kits have changed the way roofers all over the UK view their projects.

Should your project fall outside the ‘standard-size’ bracket, Permaroof offer a couple of ways in which you can work out the required materials:

  • Kit Builder App – This free online tool automatically works out your quantities and builds a flat roof kit for you. You need measurements and can input specific details about your roof design and adjoining properties or buildings. Try Permaroof Kit for yourself today.
  • Order a bespoke kit online in our shop – we have a service where you can enter your own size up to 8m2.
  • Call us! – Permaroof teams can help with EPDM quantities and tailor you a bespoke kit.

We also offer industry-renowned EPDM application training courses for both rubber roof membrane and liquid rubber systems. Training can increase the confidence of DIY roofers and can help the trade roofer to expand the business – find out more about trade opportunities for rubber roofs professionals in 2019.