Rubber Flat Roof Installation Guides in PDF

Rubber Flat Roof Installation Guides | DIY Flat RoofDid you know that we have a library full of rubber flat roof installation guides for you to access for free?

We have years of industry experience with the installation of rubber flat roof systems, and have put together an extensive range of PDFs detailing many aspects of installation. You can download these and store them on any device to make a handy reference library in case you get stuck with the application of your EPDM rubber flat roof system.

Although the DIY installation of EPDM membrane is straightforward, sometimes it is easy to forget a step, and our PDFs can provide a handy solution for a quick reminder of how it’s done.

Tricky parts of the installation, such as dealing with extrusions like flue pipes or skylights, can lead to a touch of head-scratching from time-to-time, and our PDF rubber flat roof installation guides can provide a go-to reminder, even if you are on the roof deck at the time.

What rubber flat roof installation guides are in there?

We have three main guides to walk you through the three types of installation:

  • Fully adhered application
  • Ballasted system
  • The mechanically fixed system

We also have several individual installation guides that deal with other parts of the install, and have been designed to address the areas you may encounter a stumble, such as performing an external corner detailing, or attaching to perimeter walls or adding trim.

We have done our best to think of everything, and have a range of videos for you too, as often it is easier to watch someone tackle an issue if you are really stuck.

Head on over to our dedicated rubber flat roof installation guides page and have a look through the wide range of resources we have, to help you tackle your DIY flat roof project.