Replace Your Shed Roof for the Last Time with EPDM

Replacement of the shed roof is a common task for homeowners with traditional materials, such as felt. Some homeowners have to re-cover their sheds almost every year, due to the nature of the roofing felt. Many types of roofing felt do not perform well in extreme temperatures and can bubble and crack easily, as happened all over the UK during last years’ heatwave.

EPDM has changed all that. With an expected lifespan of more than fifty years, EPDM offers homeowners the chance to replace the shed roof for the last time using this revolutionary synthetic rubber membrane. Imagine the reduced stress and long-term cost when you’re confident your shed roof will probably outlive the shed!

How to buy EPDM for your shed roof

Permaroof UK Ltd has introduced the shed roof kit to make replacing your roofing super-easy. Our shed roof kits contain everything needed to tackle the replacement, including membrane and enough adhesive to complete the project.

Shed roofing kits from Permaroof are available in a range of standard shed sizes and include enough overhang to make sure it fits perfectly. If you don’t have a standard-sized shed, Permaroof offer a custom-cut-to-order service to make buying the right size easy and removing the stress involved with ordering the right quantity.

Browse our range of shed roof kits and buy today in our online shop.

Worried about your DIY skills?

Not everyone is confident in tackling roofing jobs around the home in DIY-fashion. It is important to realise your limits with DIY, especially when working at height. Permaroof offer one-day training courses at the headquarters in Derby for both trade and DIY flat roofers, which can really help build your confidence and is particularly useful if you have a few flat roof projects planned. Once you’ve done the shed roof, why not try the garage roof too?

Find out more about EPDM training days.

For those not keen on training, or have the confidence to go ahead, we provide a wide range of installation guides to keep you on the right track if you get stuck. We’ve got a good stock of video tutorials too, to help with every aspect of EPDM installation.

Check out the installation guides here.

Always free to access, our installation guides can be viewed online or downloaded in PDF format to save for later.

Permaroof support is industry-renowned for both trade roofers and the DIY marketplace. With our next day delivery service, check the weather, buy today and fit tomorrow with Permaroof shed roof kits, then forget about your shed roofing with the performance of EPDM.