Press Release: Permaroof Leads the Way in DIY Flat Roofing Resources

Permaroof, Derby: Permaroof UK Ltd is the country’s leading EPDM flat roof systems supplier with an award-winning customer support system that looks after DIY roofers in addition to professional tradesmen.

Permaroof UK knows that EPDM systems have given homeowners a chance to approach some projects around the home and garden that they would previously have deemed out of their skill set. With the introduction of EPDM DIY flat roof kits, the market has changed dramatically over the past few years.

Permaroof has been at the top of the field in EPDM for trade professionals for many years, and delivers a full resource library to support our customers. We have expanded our library and now have many resources added specifically for the DIY roofer.

  • Full EPDM installation guides for sheets and liquid membrane
  • Free to download PDF tutorials and data sheets
  • Flat roof white papers and technical information
  • News and recommended products
  • Video guides
  • And more.

There is nothing like the Permaroof resource library anywhere else for flat roofing. For over a decade, Permaroof has offered unmatched support for both trade and the DIY roofing industry, and leads the way in the provision of resources and top-quality EPDM products.

Our resource library is full of flat rubber roofing installation and liquid coatings guides available for you to download and keep in PDF format or to view online.

Browse our resources and please help download whatever you need. If you require further information or clarity on any aspect of flat rubber roofing, please contact us at Permaroof.

Our trained and professional teams are ready to help you with your queries, can assist with any order enquiries and can help you put your orders together.

About DIY-FLAT-ROOF: Diy-flat-roof is a part of Permaroof UK Ltd, leading provider of EPDM sheet and liquid flat roof systems, installation training and flat roofing resources.