Modular Waterproof Blankets

Permaroof UK have launched another high-quality product that keeps modular buildings watertight, whatever the UK weather throws at it. The specialist services division at Permaroof supplies EPDM for a wide range of uses, and clients include:

  • Modular buildings manufacturers
  • Shed manufacturers
  • Garden office designers and builders

Permaroof work closely with portable and modular buildings manufacturers and transporters to ensure units remain effectively watertight, whether for temporary requirements or for permanent waterproofing using high-performance rubber membrane.

The waterproof blankets from Permaroof offer high-performance waterproofing and have been specially designed to offer temporary waterproofing for pods and modular buildings during any stage of the construction or transportation process. Temporary waterproof blankets effectively stop water ingress and can be especially useful when multi-level modular buildings are in various stages of completion.

Perfect for when in transit, and an ideal temporary, on-site roofing solution, Permaroof’s blankets can be custom-cut to specific requirements and are guaranteed to do the job.

Suitable for all types and sizes of modular buildings and offering:

  • Reliable waterproofing for modular buildings and pods!
  • Ideal for relocatable buildings during transit!
  • Flexible and hard-wearing!
  • Custom-cut to size!
  • Ideal for multi-level modular buildings and projects!