Is liquid EPDM waterproofing suitable for DIY application?

Simple to use | DIY EPDM Liquid Rubber RoofingOne of the most common reasons a product takes off in the DIY market will be ease of use or application. It is no surprise that once an innovative product is introduced and made accessible to DIY homeowners in its simplest form, the uptake will rise.

Liquid EPDM waterproofing systems offer the DIY sector an opportunity to make safe many surfaces around the home for all the family, such as:

  • Anti-skid coatings for driveways
  • Anti-slip coatings for garden steps
  • Pathways
  • Flat roofing
  • Gutters
  • Balconies
  • Drains
  • Roof terraces
  • Garage roof sealing
  • Asbestos roof encapsulation – local authority advice (and sometimes permission) should be sought first.

Liquid EPDM application training

For homeowners considering taking liquid EPDM application training, Permaroof offer one-day training courses each week at the Firestone-approved, purpose-built EPDM training centre in Derby.

Training courses are suitable for both DIY and trade roofers wishing to expand into liquid EPDM waterproofing. Support and industry-approved certification and resources are available to trade roofing professionals.

More about EPDM liquid application training here.

DIY resource library for liquid

Permaroof UK has the largest resource library in the country, completely free to use for trade and consumer download.

To help support DIY liquid EPDM installers, Permaroof has a wide range of PDF tutorials specific to liquid rubber roofing, including full, detailed application instructions with images to illustrate.

Find liquid EPDM application tutorials online now here.

Visit the Permaroof online store to buy liquid EPDM roofing here.

Find out more about Liquid EPDM here.

Video tutorials

In addition to a selection of downloadable PDF installation guides, Permaroof also offer free access to liquid EPDM video tutorials. A part of the vast Permaroof flat roof services video library, the liquid rubber category is a useful, free resource for DIY installers.

Visit the DIY flat roof video library here.

Or follow our YouTube channel here.

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