How to Tackle Finding EPDM Roofers

Finding Competent, Reliable EPDM Roofers Got Easy | Flat RoofingIf you’ve been looking for EPDM roofers, you’ll know that it isn’t always easy to find a reliable, local roofing contractor to work on your home. Consumer TV series’ like ‘Cowboy Builders’ often stick in our minds and remind us of the importance of engaging trustworthy tradespeople.

How do you find the EPDM roofers you need?

Recommendations are always the best things to look for when trying to find any tradesperson to work in your home and property. To be able to read the views of another client, visit previous work and see the right paperwork, can all contribute to peace of mind.

EPDM roofers are specialist tradespeople and not everyone is having EPDM roofing. Friends and family may not have had an installation, so try casting a wider net for some reviews; perhaps on local community social media groups.

How can Permaroof UK help?

Permaroof UK Ltd offers a great, free service for homeowners from our headquarters in Derby.

As leading EPDM roofer trainers, we run Firestone-approved training courses in both Liquid and sheet EPDM roofing. Once training is completed, participants are offered a chance to join our approved contractor network, a nationwide gathering of reliable flat roof and EPDM specialists waiting to provide homeowners with quotes.

Our free service can be accessed by homeowners here – find out more and end your search for reliable EPDM roofers today.

Once training is over for EPDM roofers, most of whom are professional roofing contractors looking to expand their customer base, they begin a rigorous vetting process, involving work inspections and financial information. EPDM roofers do not make the list if they do not pass every stage of vetting, making sure than homeowners can find reliable, trustworthy and trained roofing contractors with confidence.

Waste no more time looking for EPDM roofers! Try our free service today from Permaroof.