The Go-To Resource for DIY Flat Roofing

We stock genuine Firestone RubberCover EPDM | PermaroofDIY Flat Roof is currently undergoing some changes and updates as we aim to become the UK’s number one ‘Go-To’ resource for all your DIY flat roofing needs.

We deliver a wide range of resources for you to use for free in PDF format available to download and keep, or with the option to view online on any device. We are currently adding more every day and aim to have a complete resource library very soon.

We also offer a range of DIY flat roofing tutorial videos, including comprehensive instructional videos for a complete EPDM flat roof installation and many more detailing specific tasks, such as:

  • How to perform an EPDM flat roof repair
  • How to fit Permaroof Plus flat roof trim
  • How to prepare the roof deck before application
  • Termination to adjacent flat roof detail
  • And much more.

Our new downloads section will also offer a selection of safety and technical data sheets, in addition to our PDFs and tutorials, to ensure a full and clear understanding of the technical specifications and safety testing carried out.

What else can we offer the DIY flat roof visitor?

Permaroof UK is the largest importer and stockist of Firestone EPDM roofing membrane and we have introduced the DIY flat roof kit to make flat roofing that much easier. Available in standard or custom-cut sizes, we can deliver a flat roof kit to suit every project with everything included to ensure no fuss, no waste and no problem!

If tutorials online are simply not enough, then Permaroof provide first-class training at our headquarters, in a purpose-built, Firestone-approved training centre. Reasonably priced, and running every week, our EPDM flat roof training could be just what you need to give you the extra confidence to be able to tackle your job. Find out more about training here.

For the DIY flat roof visitor, and the professional flat roofer alike, our website could prove to be an invaluable resource for all your flat roofing requirements. You can read testimonials, the latest flat roofing news and recommended products from around the world.

What are you waiting for? Head on over to our recently-rewritten FAQs section, then bookmark us and check back to see how we’re doing!