Get Ahead this Spring and Keep Those Gutters Clear

Keeping gutters clear of debris can save the UKs homeowners £££s at the start of the year in gutter clearing and flat roof repairs. Most people must attend to gutters at some point during the spring to remove all the leaves, moss and debris that collects in gutters and clogs drains over the autumn and winter months every year. Once gutters become clogged, rainwater is unable to flow freely through the guttering system and drain away, and it inevitably pours over the top.

This common issue leads to water ingress and damage to roof decking and eventually interior damage. This is when it begins to get expensive! Homeowners often do not notice there’s a problem until the water seeps inside the house or garden buildings, then emergency roof repairs are needed.

Calling out a professional can be costly in an emergency situation. This is quite usual, as emergency call outs often mean that the roofing professional needs to move other work around and drop other clients to come out quickly to see you. Sometimes urgent calls are outside normal working hours, and these call out rates can be high.

How to keep gutters clear all-year-round

Tackling the job of clearing gutters yourself can be time-consuming, dirty and involves climbing a ladder and working at height. Not everyone is confident with working at height, and the cost of having a professional clear them year-after-year can soon mount up.

There is another solution for homeowners in the GutterBrush. The GutterBrush is a clever innovation that uses a similar principle to a bottle brush, with polyurethane filaments wound around a central, twisted stainless steel wire core.

The GutterBrush is available in 150mm and 100mm sizes and fits inside most standard gutters, whether box or traditional half-circle shapes. It can be fixed to gutters that are not standard sizes so is suitable for most guttering in the UK.

How does a GutterBrush work?

The GutterBrush sits in the gutter and is proud of the top. Leaves and other debris either stick to, and get caught by the filaments, preventing them from entering the gutter, or blow off the surface of the brush and away from the gutter. Water can easily pass through the filaments and continue down the guttering and drain downpipes with no obstructions.

Using this type of debris filtering is also perfect for rainwater management systems, providing clear flow for water collection butts and preventing drain taps from clogging with leaves from the inside.

Fitting a Gutterbrush

Fitting a GutterBrush is fast and easy for trade or DIY homeowners. First make sure the gutters are clear of debris and water can free flow through the whole system. You may need to get a professional in to do this one last time! Once clear, the Gutterbrush simply slides into the gutter. Easy to join lengths of Gutterbrush are pushed into the gutters and can be attached at either end using the wire filaments left. A simple twisting motion will join the brushes together  job done!

This simple, yet extremely effective idea has changed the way homeowners all over the UK are tackling the issue of their clogged guttering and rainwater systems. The GutterBrush is expected to last for many years and carries a guarantee for 10. Join the Gutterbrush revolution and keep those gutters clear and clog-free. Look after your guttering and it will take care of your flat roof, reducing instances of emergency roof repairs and saving you money over the long-term.

Check out the GutterBrush here – buy online with next day delivery from Permaroof.