Flat Roofing Whitepapers

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White Paper – A Study on EPDM for DIY

White Paper - A Study on EPDM for DIY | Permaroof Resources

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In this paper we will examine how and why EPDM has grown in popularity for DIY installation.

Flat roofing with EPDM is fast, simplified and long-lasting. EPDM is also ideal for many other DIY applications and offers homeowners new ways to tackle historically professional tasks.

White Paper – The History of Flat Roofing

White Paper - The History of Flat Roofing | Permaroof Resources

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In this paper we will examine the history of flat roofing for both domestic and commercial situations. We take a look at how flat roofing has evolved through the centuries in Britain.

Flat roofing has a long history stretching as far back as the dawn of early man. Find out more about the latest technological advancements in the roofing industry.

White Paper – The Uses and Benefits of Liquid Waterproofing

White Paper - The Uses and Benefits of Liquid Waterproofing | Permaroof Resources

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In this paper we will examine the uses and benefits of liquid waterproofing for both domestic and commercial situations. Find out why home and business owners are making the move from traditional roofing materials to the latest in EPDM applications and systems.

With a wide range of applications, liquid EPDM rubber waterproofing systems offer an alternative way to ensure a reliable and long-lasting finish to domestic and commercial flat roofing, garden walkways, steps, patio and balcony areas and commercial car parking.

The benefits of using liquid EPDM are also far reaching in terms of longevity and durability, ease of application and cost effectivity.

White Paper – Environmental Benefits of Green Roofing

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In this guide we take a look at green roofing and how the installation of one will make a contribution to helping the environment. To do this we highlight exactly what a green roof is, what the environmental benefits are, and why green roofing is increasing in popularity, particularly in urban areas.

We also consider why getting one is such a good option and finally take into consideration what you will need to do in order to benefit from a green roof solution.

This includes understanding planning permission and how to seek it, understanding the aesthetic benefits and planning them into your build and which materials are best for your unique position.

White Paper – The Applications and Benefits of Using EPDM Rubber Sheets

In this useful guide, we will introduce you to Firestone EPDM rubber roofing sheets, and look at some of the most common applications and benefits. A comprehensive application guide is available to download on the resources page of the website, in addition to individual tutorials to cover each stage of the application process.


  1. What are EPDM rubber roofing sheets?
  2. What other type of EPDM is there?
  3. How versatile are EPDM sheets?
  4. Are EPDM sheets durable and hard-wearing?
  5. The different uses of EPDM rubber roofing sheets
  6. Other benefits of using EPDM sheets.

White Paper – Everything you need to know about EPDM

In this paper, we will take a deep look at EPDM rubber roofing membrane. We will look at what EPDM is and the types available, how it is produced, and it’s most common and popular uses.

What is EPDM?

EPDM is a synthetic rubber compound which can be used for a wide variety of construction projects, including domestic, industrial and commercial uses. It is widely used in roofing, as well as moulded components that demand waterproof and elastic characteristics.
EPDM is available in either liquid or sheet form and provides excellent resistance to UV and weather conditions as well as being more robust than other traditional roofing materials. It boasts a longevity of over 50 years and is environmentally friendly in both its manufacture and usage.

White Paper – How a Rubber Flat Roof is Made

As a part of our EPDM resources library, this paper takes a deeper look into the process of manufacture for an EPDM rubber flat roof. EPDM rubber flat roofing is growing in popularity across both commercial and domestic roofing sectors and has an industry-leading reputation.

EPDM is the stand out candidate for flat roofing for the future. It combines durability and weather resistance with flexibility and cost efficiency. It is also one of the most environmentally friendly roofing products available.


  • A Brief History of EPDM
  • Forward development
  • The EPDM Manufacturing Process
  • Raw material choice
  • Additives and fillers
  • Formulation
  • Vulcanisation
  • The use of sulphur
  • Sheet Production
  • Recycling
  • Environmental Impact
  • EPDM vs Silicone
  • Long-Term Use
  • About Permaroof UK Ltd