Flat Roofing Systems

There are three main methods that we use to fit the EPDM flat rubber roofing system depending on your requirements. You will find full application details on:

Fully adhered application of EPDM flat roofing systems

Ideal for going onto new or existing, clean timber deck, the fully-adhered application technique for EPDM rubber roofing installation is the most popular method, particularly for DIY flat roofing.


Application of the EPDM ballasted system

Ideal for overlaying existing roofs and new builds, the ballasted system of application is used to meet current fire regulations. The technique is applicable for ballasted and inverted systems, using smooth or crushed gravel or concrete (poured and pavers).


Mechanically-fixed flat roof system application

This technique is the ideal installation system to use when overlaying an existing system, such as over outdated or damaged felt roofing. The existing waterproofing is left in place, and the new EPDM membrane overlaid.