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The Best Place to Buy Rubber Roofing

As spring approaches, homeowners across the UK are beginning to think about tackling those jobs that the winter months have created outside – such as getting the shed or garage roof replaced with new rubber roofing. Find out more about the best place to buy rubber roofing systems and flat roof kits online with next day delivery.

Why the EPDM Flat Roof System is Ideal for DIY

The EPDM flat roof system offers DIY homeowners an excellent opportunity to tackle historically tricky roofing projects yourself. Why? Let’s take a look at some of the biggest benefits EPDM flat roofing brings to DIY. We will find out more about longevity and low maintenance benefits, ease of application and the wide range of industry resources and training courses on offer.

Can Your EPDM Supplier Offer You Industry Resources and Support?

When tackling DIY roofing projects, most homeowners need support and the benefit of resources to help with installation. Finding an EPDM supplier that can offer these valuable resources is a bonus, but they are thin on the ground. Permaroof UK Ltd is an exception. The Derby-based EPDM supplier offers the widest selection of industry resources, from video tutorials to downloadable PDFs to point you in the right direction.

Rubber Roofs Made Easy with Flat Roof Kits

Trade and DIY roofers all over the UK are turning to rubber roofs in favour of simplicity and longevity over traditional roofing materials such as outdated felt. The benefits of rubber roofing membranes far outweigh felt (tar paper), not least for the expected lifespan of around 50 years. When compared to traditional materials, EPDM is far superior, in terms of ease of application, cost-over-lifespan and waterproofing abilities.

The UKs Leading Flat Roof System for DIY

When looking for a flat roof system suitable for DIY, homeowners are hard-pressed to find any system better than EPDM rubber roofing in today’s marketplace. DIY roofing has traditionally been tricky for all those but highly skilled DIYers. Since the introduction of the EPDM flat roof system, and the handy flat roof kit, DIY flat roofing has become more accessible for more handy homeowners than ever before.

Free Flat Roof Installation Guides from Permaroof

The UKs leading Firestone EPDM importer, Permaroof, has one of the largest libraries of free flat roof installation guides in the industry. Constantly-expanding, the Permaroof resource library offers free access for trade and DIY flat roofers, enabling them to draw on our experience to complete their projects on time and on budget, hassle-free.

Happy New Year from Permaroof EPDM Supplier

Posted on : January 15, 2019

Happy New Year to all our readers! Permaroof EPDM supplier hopes that this year will prove successful for flat roofers all over the UK. We’ve got a great range of special offers to kick-start the year and have plans to add to our already-packed resource library of flat roof installation guides, data sheets and technical info to give both trade and DIY roofers even more to add to your toolboxes.

Last Minute EPDM Roofing Deals

Looking for last minute EPDM roofing deals? Permaroof UK Ltd has some great offers for their customers before the end of the year. EPDM roofing products from Permaroof offer homeowners the chance to take advantage of the high-performance of EPDM membrane at the best prices online all-year-round. To make a real difference at the end of 2018, we have some additional deals.