How Flat Roof Skylights Benefit Your Home Extension

The popularity of flat roof skylights has been soaring over the past few years. Homeowners are growing to realise the benefits that they bring to any home extension project. With house prices soaring alongside the price of moving and relocating, many homeowners are taking on extension projects to give them the space they need for a comparable outlay.

Skylights do bring aesthetic value to the modern home, undoubtedly. But there are other benefits to installing rooflights that aren’t always as obvious.

Natural lighting with flat roof skylights

Skylights can help to bring natural light into the home beautifully. This has both potential health benefits and can help to reduce energy bills. Natural light raises the mood and can keep a light feel to a flat roof extension throughout the day. As the sun moves, the ambience changes, and this can make a big difference when artificial lighting would otherwise be used.

Reduced energy usage

Having natural light in a low-ceilinged building means that energy use is reduced significantly during daylight hours. In addition, the latest flat roof skylights have improved thermal ratings and can actively help to insulate the extension and keep it warmer during the winter months, further reducing energy usage.

Improved waterproofing with membrane kerbs

Modern flat roof skylights from Permaroof are typically designed to work seamlessly with waterproofing systems such as EPDM rubber roofing kits. With built-in kerbs, these types of skylights help to trap the membrane during the installation process. This creates a watertight seal that eliminates water ingress and reduces condensation.

The installation of flat roof skylights can bring all-round benefits to the modern home extension project. Permaroof, with its recent acquisition of The Skylight Company and the launch of its own new range of glass edge skylights, is perfectly positioned to deliver quality and affordability alongside all the other benefits they can bring.

Browse Permaroof’s wide range of flat rooflights in the online store and talk to them about your roofing extension project. EPDM flat roof kits offer the ideal solution for exceptional waterproofing on roofing projects of all types.

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