Flat Roof Kits

EPDM roof kits are available in standard, off-the-shelf sizes or can be custom-cut to size for odd-shaped or larger scale flat roof projects.

Using genuine Firestone membranes, the Permaroof EPDM roof kits carry a life expectancy of more than 50 years once correctly installed, providing a long-lasting, cost-efficient solution for shed roofs, garage roofing, green roofs and domestic extension roofing.

EPDM roof kits are proving ever-more popular in the DIY market, as homeowners seek to improve their properties without spending more than they can afford on professional labour. Shed roof and garage roof kits can be applied by homeowners with a good level of DIY skill, and Permaroof can source a reputable, reliable EPDM installer should the project be out of your skillset.

In a typical EPDM roof kit, you will find:

  • Firestone EPDM membrane
  • Permaroof water-based adhesive
  • Basic tools
  • Full fitting instructions.

For help with tailoring an EPDM roof kit, visit http://permaroofkit.co.uk/. This handy application is free to use online and can produce a flat roof kit list within a few clicks. There are options to add extrusions, skylights, outlets and more, to help with even the trickiest installations.