Fastest Uptake of EPDM Training

Fastest Uptake of EPDM Training this Autumn at Permaroof

Special offers on Firestone-approved EPDM sheets and liquid training!

Permaroof, Derby: Permaroof UK Ltd has experienced the fastest uptake of EPDM training this Autumn than any other time during the year. The Firestone-approved EPDM training courses available from Permaroof offer both trade and DIY roofers the opportunity to become competent in various aspects of EPDM application:

  • EPDM sheet membrane application
  • Liquid EPDM waterproofing training
  • Covers detailed application and general
  • Opportunity to become affiliated with Permaroof
  • Chance to join a nationwide flat roof specialist network


Permaroof EPDM training courses are held in our purpose-built training centre located at our headquarters in Derby. With weekly training courses in both sheet membrane and liquid EPDM application, there are many opportunities to join us.

This Autumn has seen a record uptake in EPDM training. EPDM membranes and liquid waterproofing training is soaring, and this could be down to the rise in popularity of this type of roofing system across the country in recent months. The UK is experiencing a surge in the uptake of single-ply roofing systems, as the construction industry realises that EPDM is outperforming more traditional forms of flat roofing, such as outdated felt roofing.

Currently, Permaroof is offering an amazing deal for flat roofers both trade and DIY in EPDM training. Book your EPDM sheet membrane application training, and if you also book a Liquid EPDM training course in the same week, Permaroof will offer the liquid EPDM training day at HALF PRICE!