Facts About Façade Waterproofing

Façade waterproofing with Permaroof EPDM strips can offer a long-term solution with an expected lifespan of 30-50 years, effectively reducing the effects of humidity and improving thermal insulation properties.

Permaroof’s EPDM façade waterproofing custom-cutting service ensures the best fit for your building’s needs, whether you’re working on a large commercial installation or a domestic garden office.

We take time to understand the needs of our clients and can help with all aspects of waterproofing. Let’s look at some of the benefits of using EPDM for façades and why it is important to ensure a building’s water tightness.

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Humidity reduction and superior thermal insulation properties

Humidity in a buildings’ fabric can be damaging in several ways, affecting wood and concrete and weakening the integrity of the building over time. Waterproofing façades can dramatically reduce humidity across windows and doors.

Vented façades can significantly improve the thermal insulation properties of commercial buildings and can contribute to energy consumption and ultimately cost savings over the long-term.


Using a good quality, long-lasting material, such as EPDM, firmly ticks the sustainability box. This cold-applied membrane is industry renowned for longevity and performance, giving the project integrity throughout.

EPDM membrane also has an excellent reputation for UV and temperature resistance. Stable from -45 to 130°C, EPDM can be installed in a wide range of geographical locations and is suitable for areas that suffer from extreme temperature fluctuations.

Why choose Permaroof for façade waterproofing?

Permaroof UK enjoy a UK-wide industry reputation for award-winning customer service values and support. We provide extensive planning advice for façade waterproofing, working closely with our clients to determine the right fit for your needs.

Our EPDM façade solutions are suitable for all types of waterproofing for new builds, building rehabilitation and for ballasted, adhered systems and inverted roofing.

Permaroof’s experienced teams are ready to offer advice on the best waterproofing solutions and our EPDM façades can be made ready for next day delivery. We tailor solutions for all our clients and are happy to listen and discuss your exact requirements. Call us on 01773 609080 today.