EPDM Rubber Sales Go Through the Roof

Across the UK’s roofing industry, EPDM rubber is seeing sales go through the roof, so to speak, as the summer progresses. The largest increases are being seen in the DIY sector this year and it appears that more and more homeowners are taking flat roofing projects on themselves using the EPDM rubber system.

Why is EPDM rubber getting so popular in the DIY sector?

EPDM rubber is growing in popularity due to many factors according to industry professionals and the UK’s leading EPDM supplier, Permaroof UK Ltd. The Derby-based supplier specialises in flat roof solutions and training, and it does know a bit about the revolutionary synthetic roofing medium.

EPDM rubber is getting more popular, and the feedback we get demonstrates why,’ said Permaroof’s CEO, Adrian Buttress. ‘Homeowners and DIYers love it because it is straightforward to install, especially after doing one of our training courses, and it lasts for decades. No one wants to spend every summer or so reroofing the shed or a garden office, they want to know they have a reliable system that will keep going strong for years.

Most of our DIY customers buy our EPDM rubber roof kits, which get great feedback. There’s no guesswork involved with the materials quantities, and we stock so many standard sizes that they really can’t go wrong. We custom-cut EPDM and tailor kits too, but they’re most commonly ordered by our regular trade clients for larger installs and commercial projects.

Proven flat roof waterproofing system

EPDM rubber is available in two types – sheet rolls and liquid membrane. Both systems offer 100% waterproofing qualities if the project is prepared, installed and completed correctly. Permaroof UK runs Firestone-approved EPDM rubber training courses in both sheet membrane and liquid rubber application. The one-day courses offer comprehensive training in EPDM application, accreditation, and a chance for trade participants to join a UK-wide approved installer network.

EPDM is not a brand-new material for flat roofing. It has been used across the world for waterproofing projects in all types of environments. The suitability of EPDM is widespread, as it can withstand extreme temperature fluctuations and remain flexible and effective.

There are many benefits for homeowners using EPDM rubber for flat roof projects such as green roofing, shed roof replacement, garage roofing and garden offices. Most of these projects can now be approached with confidence by DIYers, and this has, according to Permaroof, contributed significantly for the growth in popularity in EPDM rubber.