EPDM Roof Kits For DIY Roofers

An EPDM roof kit offers DIY roofers a chance to tackle flat roofing with ease and eliminates the concerns one may have about ordering the right amount of kit. This can be a big concern for homeowners, as EPDM is not the cheapest roofing system on the market, so wastage is a bit of a no-no.
If you have been looking at EPDM as a flat roof system, you will already know the benefits over other roofing materials, such as traditional felt, which offers homeowners a well-known system, but is fast-becoming outdated due to the availability of more effective waterproofing systems.

The professional roofing industry has long been searching for a sustainable alternative to felt, and EPDM, with its proven track record and unmatched expected lifespan of more than five decades, high UV resistance, flexible and durable properties, and the ease of application using safer methods than the hot bitumen used in felt roofing, it is clear to see why EPDM is growing in popularity.

The introduction of the EPDM roof kit

EPDM suppliers have been innovative for the DIY market with EPDM roofing systems, creating kits in standard or bespoke sizes. Included in an EPDM roof kit will be:

  • EPDM single-ply membrane in the required size and weight
  • Tools to complete the job
  • Adequate adhesive
  • Required trims
  • Full instructions

Basically, everything you need to complete the flat roof project. Whether you are recovering a shed roof, garage roof, environmentally-friendly green roof or a full flat roof extension, there is an EPDM roof kit for you.

When you have a complete kit with everything included, the first thing you will get is increased confidence for your project, simply knowing that everything is ready to go. With full instructions, and a sunny day, the flat roof should be fast and easy to tackle.

Preparation is key

Making sure that the surface area is ready for your EPDM roof kit is the key to a successful installation. The area should be dry and free from dust or debris.

Not only this, but even more important is to make sure you order the correct size kit. Carefully measure the roof area at least twice to ensure you have the right sizes. Your kit will provide an EPDM membrane in a single sheet, and it will already be slightly larger than the size you need, to accommodate a good seal if you have gone for an EPDM roof kit with trims included.