New Video Release: Permaroof Emergency Roof Repair Demonstration

We are pleased to announce the arrival of a brand new video tutorial in our video library this week – to go hand-in-hand with the launch and promotion of our latest product – Emergency Roof Repair.

This latest innovation adds another string to the bow of our Permaroof500 Liquid EPDM rubber roofing system range. Liquid EPDM rubber is fast-becoming our most popular product at a time when roofing businesses all over the UK are actively seeking new ways to provide the best waterproofing solutions for all types of installations.

Liquid waterproofing benefits

The benefits of using a liquid waterproofing system are numerous, but one of the most popular uses of the system currently is its ability to be worked into awkwardly-shaped areas with ease, whilst still providing an effective barrier against moisture, damp and water ingress.

Because of the flexibility of the system, Permaroof500 Liquid EPDM membrane can be used to provide all the waterproofing abilities of EPDM sheet membrane on flat roofing, yet can be coaxed into spaces and places that a sheet membrane, however flexible, simply cannot reach.

Liquid EPDM is also suitable for a wider range of uses than sheet membrane, such as providing a coating for car park surfaces and balconies, steps and anti-slip areas when mixed with a medium such as silica sand or micro-beads.

Liquid rubber for flat roof repair

The latest innovation in the range allows users to make emergency roof repairs to cope with surface damage of almost any kind. With just one tin of Emergency Roof Repair, a mixing tool, a scraping tool, a hand brush and a paintbrush, effective emergency repairs can be made in minutes, minimising damage and bringing peace of mind.

If the damage is serious, and has been there for some time, you may need to consider replacing the flat roof material with a modern EPDM rubber alternative.

This new video perfectly demonstrates the simplicity of Permaroof’s Emergency Roof Repair – watch it now.