Press Release: Best Website for DIY Flat Roofing Resources

Permaroof customer support system wins again!

Permaroof, Derby: Permaroof UK Ltd is a leading EPDM supplier with an award-winning customer support system that promises to beat any other across the flat roof industry.

With more than 16 years industry experience and provision of top-quality, Firestone EPDM membranes and supplies, Permaroof UK Ltd understands that successful flat roof projects don’t just rely on good quality products.

The DIY roofing industry is growing, and Permaroof provide a unique resource library to help with every aspect of EPDM rubber roof application.

In our DIY flat roof resource library, you will find:

  • EPDM application video tutorials
    • Both comprehensive and task-specific
  • Downloadable PDF instruction sheets
  • EPDM technical specification and data sheets
  • Flat roofing white papers
  • News articles
  • And more.

The resource library for flat roofing is constantly expanding, and new tutorials, instruction sheets, technical specifications and white papers are being added every month. You will not find a better collection of flat roof resources anywhere else online.

Head on over to the best website for DIY flat roofing resources now to find what you’ve been looking for. Every download is free of charge, and a part of the Permaroof commitment to customer service.

About DIY-FLAT-ROOF: Diy-flat-roof is a part of Permaroof UK Ltd, the country’s leading provider of EPDM sheet and liquid flat roof systems, installation training and award-winning customer service support.