The Best Place to Buy Rubber Roofing

As spring approaches, homeowners across the UK are beginning to think about tackling those jobs that the winter months have created outside. This may include getting the shed or garage roof replaced with new rubber roofing.

Rubber roofing offers some great benefits for the flat roofs of the country’s domestic and commercial buildings. But where is the best place to buy rubber roof systems that can outperform the traditional flat roof materials of yesteryear?

How to find suppliers

Rubber roof suppliers are numerous around the UK, but PermaroofUK Ltd offer the widest selection of genuine Firestone EPDM roofing. The company remains one of the country’s largest licenced importers and distributors of Firestone EPDM and accessories.

Buying from Permaroof also offers homeowners the largest selection of flat roofing resources available online for free. With an extensive video tutorial library, a huge array of downloadable PDF installation guides and industry-recognised rubber roofing training courses, Permaroof can help both professional and DIY roofers get the job done fast.

Permaroof has also introduced the EPDM flat roof kit. The kits have proven to be perfect for DIY roofing projects at home, such as shed roofing and garage roof replacement. The rubber roof kit includes everything you need to create a professional finish and removes the worry of over- or under-buying materials.

Find out more about rubber roofing kits now.

What is rubber roofing?

EPDM membrane is a high-performance alternative to traditional flat roofing such as felt or tar paper. Manufactured from synthetic rubber polymers and carbon black, EPDM is the best example of rubber roofing available today. It has high UV resistance and offers 100% waterproofing over its incredible expected lifespan of more than 50 years.

Permaroof has been supplying the nation’s trade and DIY flat roofers for almost two decades, and with next day delivery and award-winning customer service and sales values, really is the best place to buy rubber roofing in the UK.

Visit the Permaroof online store today to buy your rubber membranes and EPDM accessories with confidence.