Benefits of EPDM

EPDM rubber roofing sheets are highly versatile, available in a range of both standard and bespoke sizes and can be used to cover flat roofs, domes and other shaped structures, in addition to its growing popularity in the installation of green roofing, building cladding and for modular portable buildings. It’s also flexible and can be adhered, loosely laid or tightly fixed depending on the needs of the project. It has an appealing clean and neat appearance after installation.

Versatility and durability

EPDM rubber in sheet form is widely used worldwide, given that it can withstand extreme cold and hot temperatures and is resistant to moisture absorption. When well taken care of it can last for up to 50 years. It is windproof, waterproof and is available with fire resistant qualities and retains its colour and texture extremely well.

This efficacy combined with little or no maintenance cost, makes it a favourable choice for most domestic and commercial flat roof installations.

EPDM is particularly suitable for roofing in highly humid areas due to its high resistance to water absorption, or flat roofs, which may accumulate and retain water for prolonged periods of time, but what other benefits can be gained in different uses?