Is liquid EPDM waterproofing suitable for DIY application?

Simple to use | DIY EPDM Liquid Rubber RoofingOne of the most common reasons a product takes off in the DIY market will be ease of use or application. It is no surprise that once an innovative product is introduced and made accessible to DIY homeowners in its simplest form, the uptake will rise.

Liquid EPDM waterproofing systems offer the DIY sector an opportunity to make safe many surfaces around the home for all the family, such as:

  • Anti-skid coatings for driveways
  • Anti-slip coatings for garden steps
  • Pathways
  • Flat roofing
  • Gutters
  • Balconies
  • Drains
  • Roof terraces
  • Garage roof sealing
  • Asbestos roof encapsulation – local authority advice (and sometimes permission) should be sought first.

Liquid EPDM application training

For homeowners considering taking liquid EPDM application training, Permaroof offer one-day training courses each week at the Firestone-approved, purpose-built EPDM training centre in Derby.

Training courses are suitable for both DIY and trade roofers wishing to expand into liquid EPDM waterproofing. Support and industry-approved certification and resources are available to trade roofing professionals.

More about EPDM liquid application training here.

DIY resource library for liquid

Permaroof UK has the largest resource library in the country, completely free to use for trade and consumer download.

To help support DIY liquid EPDM installers, Permaroof has a wide range of PDF tutorials specific to liquid rubber roofing, including full, detailed application instructions with images to illustrate.

Find liquid EPDM application tutorials online now here.

Visit the Permaroof online store to buy liquid EPDM roofing here.

Find out more about Liquid EPDM here.

Video tutorials

In addition to a selection of downloadable PDF installation guides, Permaroof also offer free access to liquid EPDM video tutorials. A part of the vast Permaroof flat roof services video library, the liquid rubber category is a useful, free resource for DIY installers.

Visit the DIY flat roof video library here.

Or follow our YouTube channel here.

Contact the Permaroof teams on: or call us on 01773 441 947

Permaroof Online EPDM Shop Gets New Look

EPDM Rubbercover | Buy Online at PermaroofPermaroof UK Ltd has revamped its online EPDM shop and the results are amazing!

Check it out here.

Permaroof UK is currently one of the biggest importers and stockists of Firestone EPDM membranes and accessories for flat roofing. This is largely due to its commitment to high-quality and high-performance supplies. Also is down to the award-winning customer service values it holds at the forefront of its operations.

The Permaroof online shop is the perfect place for homeowners, DIY and professional trade roofers to buy flat roof EPDM supplies at the best prices online.

The new look is fresh and exciting, and we hope that our customers will find it easier to navigate to the items they need,’ said Adrian Buttress, owner of Permaroof UK Ltd. ‘We’re still offering the same high quality products at the same prices, and we are expanding our resources library to make installation of EPDM supplies even easier than before.

What’s in store in the Permaroof store?

Packed with everything needed to completely replace and install new flat roofing, the Permaroof Store really is a one-stop-shop. With a wide range of flat roof kits, ready-to-go for sheds and garage roofing, there is no better place to buy.

Permaroof customers can book both EPDM sheet membrane installation training and liquid application training courses online. Make sure you don’t miss out on your places. Take advantage of the latest special offers and sign up for SMS contact about new offers and deals. Almost everything you buy qualifies for next day delivery if you order before 12 noon Mon-Thurs. Our Permaroof fleet services every corner of the UK.

Did you know that if you haven’t shopped with us before, you can qualify for a 5% introductory discount? What are you waiting for? Head on over to the new-look Permaroof EPDM shop today!

New Health Checks Campaign Launched by the HSE

The UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has launched a new campaign to monitor the health of construction workers, and to see if firms are taking precautions against damage to the health of their employees seriously.

The campaign will focus on the respiratory systems of construction workers exposed to site dust on a regular basis and will determine whether HSE control measures guidance is being followed correctly and adequately. The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Regulations state that protection must be given against the risks from inhalation of construction industry dust, such as against the high levels of silica dust produced by the use of cut-off saws on roofing tiles, for example.

As many as 500 deaths of construction workers per year, are believed to be as a result of exposure to silica dust.

Unannounced HSE site health inspection visits

The HSE has issued a warning to construction companies and site managers to ensure the guidelines are being followed ahead of unannounced site health inspection visits. A spokesperson for the HSE said, ‘Employers and workers need to know the risks, plan their work and use the right controls. Many common construction tasks can produce high levels of dust, including cutting roofing tiles.

Assess, Control, Review

The HSE guidelines include the Assess, Control, Review model, which lays out specific advice for the prevention of harmful substance inhalation.


The first part is akin to the Risk Assessment and will deal with the identification and assessment of risk to any worker that could be affected by dust.


This part is about prevention and ensures measures are in place to limit risk. This will include many details, such as modification to design, determining correct equipment and materials, planning for saw use and making a dedicated cutting area with a supply of water.


This part ensures that adequate checks, supervision and maintenance of equipment is carried out to meet the HSE guidelines.

Full details can be found on the HSE website here.

The Evolution of Roofing Through the Ages

Roofing is a critical part of the construction industry – some would argue it is THE most important part of a building, whether commercial or domestic.

Roofing has evolved over thousands of years, dating back to Neanderthal times, when sod or foliage was used to shelter early intelligent humans. Ever since, roofing has been adapted and redesigned according to available construction materials and new technology.

Roofing in Early Britain

The Romans first introduced slate roofing to Britain around 100BC and this proved to be far superior to the local roofing methods of the time. Slate brought a permanence to buildings around the country. Slate roofing was based on earlier methods introduced by the Greeks using clay tiles.

Thatched roofing was enormously popular in Britain at around 735AD, mostly due to the reduced cost and availability of materials. Many examples of thatched roofing still exist around parts of the UK and northern Europe, but today, they are expensive to maintain and still suffer from degradation. Thatch is reed-based and highly flammable, and this is a major part of the reduction in uptake of thatch and the reason roofing further evolved.

The part the Great Fire of London played in roofing changes in Britain

The 12th Century tragedy of the Great Fire of London forced a change in the way London’s housing was roofed. Although since disproven, the spread of the fire was originally attributed to the use of thatch in the city’s roofs.

More than 3000 lives were lost in the now infamous fire, and this led to a ban on reed and thatched roofing, announced and endorsed by King John. This led to a significant uptake of clay roof tiling, and this became the roofing material of choice at the time in the city.

Because of its availability, slate was commonly used at the time in Wales and the North West regions. Slate performs well in colder conditions, and is better than clay, which is vulnerable to frost damage.

Green roofing

Green roofing began to make an appearance in the commercial roofing market in Germany in the 1960s. Green roofing is an environmentally-friendly concept, which helps to manage surface water runoff, particularly in city areas, which can become vulnerable to flooding during heavy rain.

Eco-friendly green roofs not only help the environment with surface water management. They can become havens for endangered wildlife, such as bees, and can be planted carefully to adapt to the seasons of the year. Green roof systems require a layering technique, including water barrier, drainage and insulation layers before a planting medium on the top.

More about green roofing.

EPDM roofing

It was during the 1960s that also saw the introduction of EPDM rubber roofing. The longevity, durability and flexibility of EPDM have seen it grow rapidly in popularity ever since. Because of its ease of application and life expectancy of more than five decades, EPDM has become the industry go-to as a sustainable solution to outdated roofing materials, such as bituminous felt.

Find out more about EPDM.

Liquid EPDM

The latest version of EPDM rubber is available in liquid form and is proving to be ideal for flat roofing. Liquid EPDM can be applied over other roofing materials, subject to preparation, and offers 100% waterproofing for fascia’s and gutter boxes too.

Learn more about liquid EPDM application techniques.

The British construction industry is continuously evolving, and the introduction of new technologies accelerating. Roofing has evolved through the ages, and today we are enjoying some of the most remarkable roofing systems in history.

Get 20% Off! Artificial Grass Special Offers this Autumn

Artificial Grass Autumn Special Offers | Permaroof NewsPermaroof artificial grass special offers this Autumn are flying out of the door, and with 20% off at the checkout, plus loads of offcut rolls in our Derby-based shop, we aren’t a bit surprised! Don’t miss out on your chance to get your hands on some top-quality artificial grass while stocks last.

Artificial grass in on the rise in popularity all over the UK. The PermaLawn range is second-to-none for quality and price, with options for different yarn types to suit every use from a putting green to a football pitch, from a stunning patio to a beautiful garden that stays lush and green all-year-round.

According to the Royal Horticultural Society, one of the reasons artificial grass is growing (pardon the pun) in popularity could be contributed to by climate change. As regions in the north of the country grow warmer and wetter, natural grass lawns will require more maintenance as they grow more quickly. The low- or no-maintenance aspect of artificial grass is a big pull for busy homeowners, wishing to put away the lawnmower for good and enjoy spending more quality time in the garden.

Artificial grass won’t degrade after heavy rain

With correct preparation, and adequate drainage, an artificial lawn surface keeps its integrity, which means that the garden can be used even after heavy rain with no concern about mud or damage to a natural lawn surface.

PermaLawn synthetic lawns look as good as the real thing, and many of our clients comment that it is a while before any guests notice that it is artificial. The aesthetics, performance and low- to no-maintenance benefits of the latest artificial grass are all contributing to its popularity.

Find artificial grass offcuts in store

Our customers are homeowners and commercial businesses, and we work on a wide range of projects, large and small. As such, we often have offcuts, and are happy to sell these at knockdown prices. Some of our offcuts may be ideal for a garden design project, or you may be lucky enough to find one big enough for the entire lawn. Pop in and see us at our shop in Derby and see if you can pick up a bargain offcut for yourself!

To give our customers a head start for preparing the garden for winter with artificial grass, we are offering an amazing autumn deal. Use the code AUTUMN20 at the checkout and get an immediate 20% reduction!

What are you waiting for? With artificial grass special offers like these, can you afford to miss out?

Visit the PermaLawn online shop now, and get your garden ready for next year.

Permaroof EPDM Training Day – watch the video now!

Permaroof’s renowned EPDM training day is a great opportunity for trade roofers to expand their businesses into single-ply roofing. As one of the industry’s fastest-growing sectors, EPDM single ply rubber roofing is an opportunity not-to-be-missed.

Our EPDM training days cover every aspect of membrane application and offer Firestone-approved courses with accreditation and a chance to join the UKs growing EPDM installer network. *

Watch the video below to find out more about Permaroof EPDM training days.

Is an EPDM training day suitable for DIYers?

Installer training is also suitable for the homeowner that is looking to tackle a flat roof project at home. Taking one of our training days for EPDM sheets or EPDM liquid rubber can give enhanced confidence, particularly if the project is considerable for the average DIYer.

With industry training of a high standard, EPDM roofing is a valuable asset to any roofing business, and flat roofers around the UK have been adding EPDM strings to their bows with great success. Included in the EPDM training day fee are marketing materials, such as brochures, sample roofing and van stickers, so that participants can hit the ground running once they have achieved their certification.

Find out more about EPDM sheet rubber membrane application training here.

Book your place on the EPDM liquid rubber system training in the same week and save £££s. What are you waiting for? Join the Permaroof family with accredited, high-quality EPDM training.

About the Permaroof EPDM installer network

The EPDM installer network provides a free service for homeowners to use to find reliable, recommended professionals for their flat roof projects. The service offers peace of mind for homeowners, and an opportunity for professional flat roof specialists to gain access to additional clients in their local area. Permaroof offer trade flat roofers and trade counters a wealth of support, training and product launch materials, in addition to their own local Permaroof website.

Contact Permaroof to find out more or visit the contractor opportunities page now.

*vetting and approval process is required.

Can EPDM Flat Roof Systems Be Used for Green Roofing?

If you want to create a green roof in your home, then one of the first things that you need to consider is whether or not your roof structure is going to be able to hold the additional weight. Not only the soil and drainage layers that you will need to install, but also the additional rainwater that will be soaked up within the soil too.

You also need to ensure that your roof is on a slight incline, which means that any water will drain down as well as draining through the soil. Most flat roofing is never truly flat, because of this necessity and to avoid pooling of water on the roof deck. When this happens with traditional roof coverings, such as felt, it can lead to damage as standing water sits over time, dries out and cracks the felt.

It is recommended that a structural survey is carried out before any work takes place to make sure that the roof deck has the integrity you need. If it does not, there is still the option to make the structure safe before all the drainage layers, soil and planting is added.

Once you know that your roof is going to be able to hold the weight, and is at the right level of incline, then you can start to think about installing your green roof. You need to use a waterproof membrane that is able to protect the actual hardware of your roof from any of the water that will soak through.

A fantastic choice is EPDM membranes. They are designed to not only be fully waterproof, but also durable and resilient too. This means that it will be a hard-wearing layer that will not need to be replaced too soon. The waterproofing layer is arguably the most important, as this will protect the roof deck and the interior of the building. It must be noted that a sensible protecting layer covers the EPDM membrane before the first gravel drainage layer is installed, to avoid puncturing the membrane.

EPDM membranes are not only durable and long-lasting (with an expected lifespan of more than 50 years, but they are also easy to install, this means that even those who are not usually used to carrying out DIY projects can install their very own green roof with ease.

We love the idea of a green roof, not only is it going to help the environment, but it also looks beautiful too. Something that we all hope to achieve with our homes.

Brexit Concerns Holding UK SME Manufacturers Back

Although the general feeling in the UK construction manufacturing sector is one of optimism, with some expecting significant growth on the international playing field by 2020, there are still concerns for the short term as the industry focus remains on attempting to inject stability into the current uncertain position.

The results of the latest National Manufacturing Barometer survey show that there is still concern within the sector about UK manufacturer growth, as the consensus is that there is not enough focus on export growth. There is a general anticipation of an overall slowdown in sales and an anticipated difficulty in staff recruitment in the short-term, and although they expect it to recover and grow five years from now, there is an indication that SMEs will not survive until then if greater support and cooperation is not realised.

For example, the manufacturers that already have healthy exports agree that a small increase of just over 2% is anticipated over the next 12 months, however, the same group expect an increase in export of 12% by 2020.

The survey asked 300 construction manufacturing decision-makers what their thoughts, predictions, concerns and expectations might look like in both the short- and the long-term. They were also asked about the previous six months figures.

The results reveal a surprising strength of feeling for the growth of the sector despite the current situation surrounding the Brexit negotiations (or lack of them). A survey spokesperson said, ‘Whilst manufacturers’ cautiousness about export growth amidst the current chaos is no shock, it is encouraging to see their ambitions for 2020. Not only does this reflect the sector’s vision, it also shows that for a large and influential part of our economy there are many optimistic signs of life after Brexit.

Some of the concerns raised by the survey included the challenges being faced in recruitment, and while 41% of manufacturers had increased its staffing, 20% said that staffing had reduced and had begun to drop to the alarming levels of a couple of years ago. Investment is also high on the agenda for those manufacturers who are continuing to do well, and the consensus in the sector is leaning towards consolidation of current resources while taking a chance in investing in infrastructure to begin to address some of the changes most likely post-Brexit.

The atmosphere is one of optimism, but a difficult road in the short-term is generally expected.

Press Release: Permaroof Leads the Way in DIY Flat Roofing Resources

Permaroof, Derby: Permaroof UK Ltd is the country’s leading EPDM flat roof systems supplier with an award-winning customer support system that looks after DIY roofers in addition to professional tradesmen.

Permaroof UK knows that EPDM systems have given homeowners a chance to approach some projects around the home and garden that they would previously have deemed out of their skill set. With the introduction of EPDM DIY flat roof kits, the market has changed dramatically over the past few years.

Permaroof has been at the top of the field in EPDM for trade professionals for many years, and delivers a full resource library to support our customers. We have expanded our library and now have many resources added specifically for the DIY roofer.

  • Full EPDM installation guides for sheets and liquid membrane
  • Free to download PDF tutorials and data sheets
  • Flat roof white papers and technical information
  • News and recommended products
  • Video guides
  • And more.

There is nothing like the Permaroof resource library anywhere else for flat roofing. For over a decade, Permaroof has offered unmatched support for both trade and the DIY roofing industry, and leads the way in the provision of resources and top-quality EPDM products.

Our resource library is full of flat rubber roofing installation and liquid coatings guides available for you to download and keep in PDF format or to view online.

Browse our resources and please help download whatever you need. If you require further information or clarity on any aspect of flat rubber roofing, please contact us at Permaroof.

Our trained and professional teams are ready to help you with your queries, can assist with any order enquiries and can help you put your orders together.

About DIY-FLAT-ROOF: Diy-flat-roof is a part of Permaroof UK Ltd, leading provider of EPDM sheet and liquid flat roof systems, installation training and flat roofing resources.

New Liquid EPDM Resources Available

You will be pleased to hear that we have now added even more Liquid EPDM resources to our flat roof installation guides library. The new guides, available to view online or download and save in PDF format, tackle the entire process of Liquid EPDM application, including:

  • Preparation of the flat roof before application
  • Preparing the Permaroof500 Liquid EPDM product
  • Application to detail areas
  • Application to the main area
  • Permaroof500 Top Coat UV application
  • The creation of anti-slip surfacing
  • Application of liquid EPDM to pitched roofing using Permathix


We are also going to be adding individual downloads for each part of the application process over the next few months, and are always working on new resources for our visitors. Why not bookmark us and visit back regularly to see what’s new for your own resource library?

All our downloads are free to view and keep and we cover a wide range of applications for both homeowners and trade flat roof professionals.

Head on over to the resource library now to see what’s new.

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