New Kitemark Launched for Building Information Modelling

It has been announced this week that a brand new Kitemark has been launched by the BSI specifically for the Building Information Modelling (BIM) sector. The new Kitemark will demonstrate that manufacturing processes has BIM embedded.

This new age of construction with digitisation on a previously unprecedented scale has manufacturers facing challenges around representation accuracy, what information should be provided about these products and standardisation.

The aim of the BSI is to limit these challenges for manufacturers, and to provide them with the means to demonstrate that BIM standards have been met, standardised and validated. The placement of the new Kitemark will now also prove that BIM requirements have been met, that the product will fit and function correctly within a digital model and that dimensional, performance and specification data directly related to the product has been properly validated.

Increasing design accuracy

The new Kitemark will be awarded to manufacturers fulfilling the requirements as laid out by the BSI, in a process that will also take customer satisfaction into account.

Designers are pleased with the introduction of the Kitemark, as now the process of identification of accurate digital products and objects will be much simpler. Historic placement of placeholders within the design process can now be replaced with objects that will make the designs more accurate, and in turn more cost efficient, right down to the point of installation.

Verification of designs in advance will now streamline processes and reduce time overall.

One industry expert said, ‘The overall aim of BIM is to help companies to carry out more efficient methods of design and construction, ultimately driving out waste and inefficiency. This Kitemark has been developed to gives architects and designers the assurance that the BIM objects they are choosing for their projects accurately represent the physical product, reducing the number of checks they will need to undertake throughout the project. The manufacturing industry is highly competitive, therefore it’s really important that manufacturers can differentiate their construction products when tendering for BIM projects and to gain access to new markets. BIM is here to stay and manufacturers need to ensure that they are prepared ¬– we believe this new Kitemark will help manufacturers to do that.

2017 Build Show Focus on Fire Safety

Build Show 2017 | Roofing and DIY NewsThis years’ Build Show, to be hosted at the Birmingham National Exhibition Centre (NEC) for the third consecutive year, will have a strong focus on fire safety, considering the recent tragic events in London.

The organisers of this years’ event have announced that there will be a series of one-hour workshops within the show, which attendees can learn about fire prevention, regulations and more from industry experts, free of charge.

Since its launch three years ago, the Build Show is gaining ground as one of the largest trade shows in the UK, showcasing the latest innovations and technology the construction industry has to offer.  In addition, the Build Show is advocating training opportunities, supporting the industry concerns over skills shortages, both now, and for the future.

Build Show expected to be the busiest yet

Media 10 Event Director, Nathan Garnett expects this show to be the busiest yet, and with a range of exhibitors taking advantage of the new planned layout and zones including Health & Safety, Roofing and Insulation, Windows and Doors, Tools and a BIM Prospects Theatre, there will be plenty to keep attendees busy for the three-day event.

Mr Garnett said, ‘The Build Show 2017 comes at a crucial time when there are many questions in people’s minds over building safety, quality and regulation. The Build Show can provide the industry with a much-needed space to network, develop and learn. We aim to bring people together from across construction so they can benefit from the new solutions and products on offer that will enhance their businesses. We can already tell that this will be our busiest show to date and we’re committed to making it the best platform for collaboration, innovation and education in the built environment.’

The Build Show will host open theatres, and will encourage industry debate and discussion, inviting industry leaders and experts to open topics at the forefront of construction. We expect this year that subjects at the top of the agenda will indeed be fire safety and prevention, but are keen to see some of the most innovative construction products showcased and discussed, particularly as sustainability has been a key subject in recent months.

To book your tickets, click here. Registration is now open, and tickets are free.

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