New Liquid EPDM Resources Available

You will be pleased to hear that we have now added even more Liquid EPDM resources to our flat roof installation guides library. The new guides, available to view online or download and save in PDF format, tackle the entire process of Liquid EPDM application, including:

  • Preparation of the flat roof before application
  • Preparing the Permaroof500 Liquid EPDM product
  • Application to detail areas
  • Application to the main area
  • Permaroof500 Top Coat UV application
  • The creation of anti-slip surfacing
  • Application of liquid EPDM to pitched roofing using Permathix


We are also going to be adding individual downloads for each part of the application process over the next few months, and are always working on new resources for our visitors. Why not bookmark us and visit back regularly to see what’s new for your own resource library?

All our downloads are free to view and keep and we cover a wide range of applications for both homeowners and trade flat roof professionals.

Head on over to the resource library now to see what’s new.

How to Tackle Finding EPDM Roofers

Finding Competent, Reliable EPDM Roofers Got Easy | Flat RoofingIf you’ve been looking for EPDM roofers, you’ll know that it isn’t always easy to find a reliable, local roofing contractor to work on your home. Consumer TV series’ like ‘Cowboy Builders’ often stick in our minds and remind us of the importance of engaging trustworthy tradespeople.

How do you find the EPDM roofers you need?

Recommendations are always the best things to look for when trying to find any tradesperson to work in your home and property. To be able to read the views of another client, visit previous work and see the right paperwork, can all contribute to peace of mind.

EPDM roofers are specialist tradespeople and not everyone is having EPDM roofing. Friends and family may not have had an installation, so try casting a wider net for some reviews; perhaps on local community social media groups.

How can Permaroof UK help?

Permaroof UK Ltd offers a great, free service for homeowners from our headquarters in Derby.

As leading EPDM roofer trainers, we run Firestone-approved training courses in both Liquid and sheet EPDM roofing. Once training is completed, participants are offered a chance to join our approved contractor network, a nationwide gathering of reliable flat roof and EPDM specialists waiting to provide homeowners with quotes.

Our free service can be accessed by homeowners here – find out more and end your search for reliable EPDM roofers today.

Once training is over for EPDM roofers, most of whom are professional roofing contractors looking to expand their customer base, they begin a rigorous vetting process, involving work inspections and financial information. EPDM roofers do not make the list if they do not pass every stage of vetting, making sure than homeowners can find reliable, trustworthy and trained roofing contractors with confidence.

Waste no more time looking for EPDM roofers! Try our free service today from Permaroof.

3 Common DIY Flat Roof Mistakes

3 Common DIY Flat Roof Mistakes | Flat Roof NewsIf you have a flat roof at your property or on your garage, it can be tempting to carry out repairs or even replace the roof yourself.

It can certainly be a more cost-effective option, but you are open to one of the three most common DIY flat roof mistakes, which could end up costing you more!

Choosing the wrong DIY flat roof system

There are many different material types that can be used for flat roofing, from metal to asphalt shingle and various types of rubber membranes. However, not all of these are suitable for DIY installation by homeowners. By not applying the roof correctly, you risk having an incomplete seal, gaps, leaks or tears. These issues may not be immediately obvious and can appear months or years after installation (and usually during extreme weather).

EPDM rubber is a great option for DIY installation. It’s a membrane supplied in one piece so there’s no risk of cracks or tears in the main body. It’s also very easy to repair if you do find any problems, unlike slates or metal roofing.

Failing to correctly prepare the roof substrate

If you do not carry out the right preparation on the roof substrate, you may have problems with both the installation of the new material but also in the overall life expectancy. This can be costly in the long term and outweigh any benefits from going DIY. Common problems seen with poor preparation are bubbles and cracks in felt roofs, bubbles in EPDM membranes, and a failed or patchy adhesion of rubber roofing to the roof deck.

To combat these issues, firstly you need to understand what preparation is required. This will be dependent on the existing roofing material and what you are replacing it with, as well as the condition of the roof substrate.

If you are installing an EPDM rubber surface, make sure that the surface you are applying to is clean and there is no dirt, dust, grease, oil or rust. The surface must be swept clear to make sure nothing is left behind. If there is any bitumen from the previous roofing, this needs to be removed or covered over as this can impact on the performance of the EPDM. There should be no water on the substrate and the temperature must be above 5o when installation takes place. This ensures that moisture doesn’t get trapped underneath and cause ‘blisters’.

There are preparation guidelines available to download in our resource library.

Overbuying of materials

Not many homeowners are experienced at measuring up flat roofs, and it can be easy to buy more than you need ‘just to be sure’. This can lead to wastage and unnecessary costs. This can be one of the most common DIY flat roof mistakes made by homeowners every year.

Due to the nature of the manufacture of EPDM, an accurate-sized piece is easy to produce. This makes installation easier as you won’t have to worry about trimming or cutting. Our EPDM DIY flat roof kits can prove an invaluable way to buy rubber roofing, knowing you have the right amount of materials before you start. Head on over to the online store to find out more about standard EPDM flat roof kits, and let us help you avoid one of the easiest DIY flat roof mistakes to make.

Installing a flat roof yourself can be a good option, but it’s not without potential mistakes. Having a clear plan, including proper preparation, and choosing the right material and system are all key factors in the success or failure of your project.

EPDM Rubber Sales Go Through the Roof

Across the UK’s roofing industry, EPDM rubber is seeing sales go through the roof, so to speak, as the summer progresses. The largest increases are being seen in the DIY sector this year and it appears that more and more homeowners are taking flat roofing projects on themselves using the EPDM rubber system.

Why is EPDM rubber getting so popular in the DIY sector?

EPDM rubber is growing in popularity due to many factors according to industry professionals and the UK’s leading EPDM supplier, Permaroof UK Ltd. The Derby-based supplier specialises in flat roof solutions and training, and it does know a bit about the revolutionary synthetic roofing medium.

EPDM rubber is getting more popular, and the feedback we get demonstrates why,’ said Permaroof’s CEO, Adrian Buttress. ‘Homeowners and DIYers love it because it is straightforward to install, especially after doing one of our training courses, and it lasts for decades. No one wants to spend every summer or so reroofing the shed or a garden office, they want to know they have a reliable system that will keep going strong for years.

Most of our DIY customers buy our EPDM rubber roof kits, which get great feedback. There’s no guesswork involved with the materials quantities, and we stock so many standard sizes that they really can’t go wrong. We custom-cut EPDM and tailor kits too, but they’re most commonly ordered by our regular trade clients for larger installs and commercial projects.

Proven flat roof waterproofing system

EPDM rubber is available in two types – sheet rolls and liquid membrane. Both systems offer 100% waterproofing qualities if the project is prepared, installed and completed correctly. Permaroof UK runs Firestone-approved EPDM rubber training courses in both sheet membrane and liquid rubber application. The one-day courses offer comprehensive training in EPDM application, accreditation, and a chance for trade participants to join a UK-wide approved installer network.

EPDM is not a brand-new material for flat roofing. It has been used across the world for waterproofing projects in all types of environments. The suitability of EPDM is widespread, as it can withstand extreme temperature fluctuations and remain flexible and effective.

There are many benefits for homeowners using EPDM rubber for flat roof projects such as green roofing, shed roof replacement, garage roofing and garden offices. Most of these projects can now be approached with confidence by DIYers, and this has, according to Permaroof, contributed significantly for the growth in popularity in EPDM rubber.

New Video Release: Permaroof Emergency Roof Repair Demonstration

We are pleased to announce the arrival of a brand new video tutorial in our video library this week – to go hand-in-hand with the launch and promotion of our latest product – Emergency Roof Repair.

This latest innovation adds another string to the bow of our Permaroof500 Liquid EPDM rubber roofing system range. Liquid EPDM rubber is fast-becoming our most popular product at a time when roofing businesses all over the UK are actively seeking new ways to provide the best waterproofing solutions for all types of installations.

Liquid waterproofing benefits

The benefits of using a liquid waterproofing system are numerous, but one of the most popular uses of the system currently is its ability to be worked into awkwardly-shaped areas with ease, whilst still providing an effective barrier against moisture, damp and water ingress.

Because of the flexibility of the system, Permaroof500 Liquid EPDM membrane can be used to provide all the waterproofing abilities of EPDM sheet membrane on flat roofing, yet can be coaxed into spaces and places that a sheet membrane, however flexible, simply cannot reach.

Liquid EPDM is also suitable for a wider range of uses than sheet membrane, such as providing a coating for car park surfaces and balconies, steps and anti-slip areas when mixed with a medium such as silica sand or micro-beads.

Liquid rubber for flat roof repair

The latest innovation in the range allows users to make emergency roof repairs to cope with surface damage of almost any kind. With just one tin of Emergency Roof Repair, a mixing tool, a scraping tool, a hand brush and a paintbrush, effective emergency repairs can be made in minutes, minimising damage and bringing peace of mind.

If the damage is serious, and has been there for some time, you may need to consider replacing the flat roof material with a modern EPDM rubber alternative.

This new video perfectly demonstrates the simplicity of Permaroof’s Emergency Roof Repair – watch it now.

New Installation Guide in our Library: Removing Creases from EPDM Rubber Roofing

Firestone RubberCover Flat Roof Resources | Permaroof NewsDiy-flat-roof is pleased to announce the arrival of a new installation guide in our resource library. Removing Creases from EPDM Rubber Roofing is now available to view online or download for free.

This latest guide will walk you through the process of how to remove creases in Firestone’s leading EPDM rubber roofing membrane. Although rare, instances of creasing do occasionally occur, and can happen in any number of circumstances, such as:

  • Incorrect storage of the membrane
  • Long-term membrane storage
  • Mishandling of the EPDM membrane
  • Accidental damage
  • Damage during transit in rare instances (contact us immediately if this is the case)

Creases in genuine Firestone EPDM rubber roofing membrane are easy to put right. The latest installation guide gives clear, concise instructions for the process with illustrations to highlight the correct method.

There are a couple of big no-no’s to take notice of, such as:

  • DO NOT use naked flames to heat the EPDM rubber membrane
  • DO NOT overheat the membrane in one spot for too long
  • DO NOT attempt to use sharp objects
  • ALWAYS use the correct tools


About the diy-flat-roof installation guides

Permaroof resource library is full of useful guides to help you with your EPDM installations. You can find downloadable guides in PDF format, which can also be viewed online. These can be useful additions to your tool box with the ability to view in situ on the flat roof project itself.

The Permaroof video installation guides offer a visual journey through each aspect of the installation. They are produced by trained professional installers, many of whom conduct live demonstrations during our certified EPDM training courses. This way you can be sure you are receiving genuine, useful and practical advice for comprehensive installations, through to flat roof repairs using EPDM products.

The online resource library is updating all the time, please check back regularly to get the latest news, product launches, white papers, technical information and much more.

FMB Ready to Support New Housing Minister

In a recent cabinet reshuffle, following the resignation of the Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, it has been announced that the Prime Minister has nominated James Brokenshire MP to become the new Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government.

Mr Brokenshire, who formerly served in the Home Office as Minister for Security and Immigration, and as Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, takes over from the Rt Hon Sajid Javid, who steps into the shoes of Amber Rudd as the new Home Secretary following the Windrush scandal.

The new Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government will have his hands full at a critical time for the construction industry. The Federation of Master Builders (FMB) has hopes that Mr Brokenshire will ‘build on Javid’s good work, both in terms of raising the profile of housing as an issue at Cabinet level, and implementing some sound policies aimed at tackling the housing shortage.’

The construction industry is struggling on many levels, with growth unsteady over the past six months, and skills shortages reaching worrying heights. With Brexit looming, and house building remaining stagnant, despite a promising government change following last year’s White Paper, many sectors are falling into muddy waters, such as small businesses.

The FMB is ready to support the new Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government in his role to work towards the critical housebuilding targets the country needs.

The FMB says that it is ‘keen to work with the new Secretary of State to unleash the capacity of small local house builders. Last year’s Housing White Paper and the November Budget Statement that followed have given us a blueprint for change but now we need to get on and do it. We stand ready to help Brokenshire deliver the 300,000 new homes per year needed in England alone.’

Press Release: Permaroof Adds New Delivery Lorry to Fleet

Permaroof Announces New Delivery Lorry Added to Fleet

Expecting further expansion this summer to support customers

Permaroof New Vehicle | Flat Roof NewsPermaroof, Derby: Permaroof UK Ltd is delighted to announce the arrival of a new 7.5ton lorry to expand its delivery fleet.

Permaroof, the leading UK EPDM importer and supplier to trade and DIY is proving that traditional customer service is invaluable, yet is often overlooked by many businesses in the UK today.

The CEO of Permaroof, Mr Adrian Buttress said, ‘It still makes me proud that we win awards for customer service, we only treat our customers how we want to be treated, and we always put them first when we make any major decisions. Next day delivery is important to our customers, and so to expand our fleet was an easy decision to make.

The new addition to the fleet is about to start making deliveries across the UK, and will soon be joined by another later in the summer. The high demand for the wide range of flat roof products from Permaroof has led to the need for fleet expansion and the Derby-based company couldn’t be happier.

Permaroof offer next day delivery if you place your order before 12pm on a wide range of products UK-wide, such as:

  • EPDM membrane rolls
  • Flat roof kits
  • Fixings and EPDM accessories
  • Single-ply membranes cut to size
  • Shed roofing
  • Green roofs

About Permaroof: Permaroof UK Ltd is the country’s leading provider of genuine Firestone EPDM flat roof systems, training and award-winning customer service support. Wide range of flat roof products available online with nationwide next day delivery.

New Permaroof Product Catalogue Launched for 2018

2018 Permaroof Product Catalogue now available | DIY Flat Roof NewsThe 2018 Permaroof Product Catalogue has now arrived and it’s bigger and better than ever!

Download your copy now from our resource library, and enjoy 48 pages of high-quality products and information, including:

  • Firestone EPDM – custom-cutting, rolls and special use membranes
  • Firestone and Permaroof branded adhesives
  • Trims and accessories
  • Tapes and outlets
  • Fixings and EPDM tools
  • Flat roof kits
  • Permaroof500 liquid waterproofing systems
  • PermaLawn artificial grass

Permaroof UK Ltd offers an incredible range of EPDM and liquid flat roof systems, accessories, tools, EPDM and liquid training and resources. Our unmatched product range promises high-quality and performance, and our customer service values are second-to-none.

Most of our products are covered by an incredible next day delivery service – you really can buy today and fit tomorrow with Permaroof!

If you would prefer a glossy copy of the 2018 Permaroof Product Catalogue, simply call us on 01773 609 080, or email us at, and we’ll get one out to you as soon as we can.

Leading Liquid Waterproofing Training from Permaroof UK

The Permaroof500 liquid waterproofing system is fast-becoming one of our most popular flat roof systems, with its high-quality, long-lasting and durable finish. Have you thought about adding liquid waterproofing to your range of flat roof services?

At our headquarters in Derby, Permaroof offer industry-accredited training courses, so that you can offer your clients this incredible, effective system. Check out the video below to find out more.

What can you expect in your liquid waterproofing training?

You will arrive at our purpose-built training centre at around 9am to have a coffee and join other participants in our classroom. There you will learn about the Permaroof500 liquid waterproofing system; its benefits, how you can apply your training and how you can market the system to your customer base.

You will enjoy demonstrations by fully-trained and experienced professionals, and have your chance to test your skills and apply what you have learned.

During the training day, you will be served a buffet lunch, and also enjoy a chance to network with your fellow trainees during regular breaks, in which tea or coffee will be available.

At the end of the training day, which is expected to finish mid-afternoon, you will take away a unique certificate, a flash drive containing all your Permaroof500 liquid waterproofing training guides and video tutorials, in addition to some marketing material and liquid samples.

Permaroof training days are intensely packed with practical and academic training to ensure you can be fully confident to provide liquid waterproofing as an additional service to add to your flat roofing business.

Liquid waterproofing training for DIY

Our courses are also suitable for the DIY homeowner who wants to take some practical training before applying the Permaroof500 system at home.

You don’t need to be a trade professional to take our training days!

Contact us to find out more, or book your place on the next liquid waterproofing training day at Permaroof.

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