EPDM Roofing Videos

Cover Strip Tape Detail

Firestone Batten Cover Strip is a semi-cured EPDM and Quickseam Tape designed to cover and seal batten strips and also to join two pieces of EPDM. Watch the video below for full instructions on how to apply the cover strip tape.

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Fitting a Gutter Edge Backplate

This video demonstrates how the gutter edge backplate is fitted to the flat roof deck to allow easy installation of the gutter on your project. The installer uses fixings to attach the gutter edge backplate in position.

Fitting a Gutter Edge Drip Plate

Find out more about how to fit a gutter edge drip plate. The installer demonstrates how the EPDM rubber roofing membrane will be trapped between the drip plate and the backplate (installed in the previous video) to provide secure waterproofing.

Flashing External Corners

This video demonstrates how to apply flashing to external corner details on an EPDM flat roof installation using QuickPrime Plus and QuickSeam SA Flashing. This may be necessary when you have a roof skylight extruding from your roof deck, for example.

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Flashing Internal Corners

Find out more about how to fit flashing to flat roof internal corner details with 9-inch FormFlash. Watch how the demonstrator shows how the patch will ensure that the top edge of the internal corner is completely watertight.

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Forming Internal Corner Detail

Watch the demonstrator give tips and tricks on how you can form an internal corner detail on your EPDM rubber roof installation. In this video, the demonstrator uses Permaroof Bonding Adhesive. High-quality video tutorials from Permaroof.

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Membrane Application Around External Corner Detail

Find out how to fit EPDM rubber roofing membrane to a tricky external corner, and watch how the experts do it! EPDM rubber roofing is typically fitted in a single sheet, providing seamless waterproofing across the roof deck. Paying particular attention to external corner detail is critical.

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Kerb Edge Detail


Membrane application to perimeter edges

Membrane application around skylight

Metal counterflashing detail

Pipe flashing with pipe boot

Membrane application to upstand walls

Membrane application to skylight upstands

Internal drain detail

Pipe flashing with Quickseam Formflash